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Inspire event recap: My business advice and socials

The Inspire event was absolutely awesome! Such a special event to be part of, rubbing shoulders with some of Canberra’s finest stylists, businesses movers and shakers.

As my best friend said “you were born to be in front an audience” I took what she said and ran with it.

I was introduced by #girlboss Deejay Jukic who was our emcee while sharing the stage with Renee Duros, a business owner of many. We were a good match, complete opposites. Sharing our business insights.

True story 

I dug deep and it wasn’t until I was asked “how do you deal with rejection?”

I was eager to answer.

Back then, I was an emerging designer and took my collection to Los Angeles in hopes to sell my collection on Melrose Ave.

High hopes, right?!
I was resilient, “no” was not an option for me. I knocked on every shop front asking to see the manger to pitch my collection.

Every shop owner said “no”.

After knocking on 39 shop fronts and them all saying "no" – it didn’t look promising...

On the 40th door knock - you would not believe what happened….

The shop owner said “YES” and stocked my label!! 

There's your lesson learnt.

My business advice

Be PERSISTENT and RESILIENT! Love what you do, because that fire will be what feels you through the tough times.

A massive thank you to Canberra Outlet Centre and Good Day PR!


Ashley Cox
Claire Read
Rasi Gupta
Ingrid Smith and Diana Dev
Deejay Jukic
Evie, me and Deejay

Photography by Lydia Downe

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