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Practical mother's day gift ideas: For mum and for you

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Mother's Day is just around the corner and I wanted to help inspire you. I want to help you out and give you something to send to husbands.

I have partnered with the Canberra Centre to bring you my top picks for Mother’s Day. My top picks include gifts specially for your mum, and of course you! So feel free to flick this post on to your husbands so they can get some #inspo.

Practical Mother’s Day gift
These are useful gifts that will help make you feel relaxed, comfy and of course happy.
1. Something for you: Pyjamas from Peter Alexander
I love to wear my PJ’s to death, but as soon as they start losing their fluffiness  (which is after 3 years) I need new ones. The fact that I can now shop for matchy, matchy PJ sets with Luna, it’s a dream come true! Peter Alexander have the sweetest mumma and bubba sets.

2. Something for mum: Hand creams and fragrance from L'Occitane
You know how much I love L'Occitane, back in the day I thought it was so expensive. But it’s not, it’s so affordable. The new Herbae Par hand cream is only $15. My mumma bear works hard and uses her hands a lot. So this is actually the PERFECT gift for her!

See I told you!
3. Something for both: Loose leaf tea from T2
I love catching up with Paul once Luna is asleep, it’s a ritual of ours especially in winter. Try this limited addition carrot cake tea flavor. I just tried it last week and it’s the next best thing without all the carrot, cake calories.
4. Something for both: Delicious treats from Passion Tree Velvet
Have you tried a salted caramel, Passion Tree Velvet macaroon? If you haven’t you should OR maybe you shouldn’t because every time you’re at the Canberra Centre, you will have to swing by Passion Tree Velvet and buy at least two, just for you.

Book your table for high tea. Get in quick as Mother’s Day is their busiest day!
A must though, a Mother's Day card with a few words in it to tell her how important she is to you. Tell her you love her!

There you have it some ideas for your mum and some for hubby. I hope you found this post helpful, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to treat mum.
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