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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

What I Wore: Microsoft X Harvey Norman Commercial, Surface Go

A few people have asked what I wore in the Microsoft X Harvey Norman, SurfaceGo commercial. Here is a break down of each scene and links to the clothing.

Scene 1  Catching up on emails at the Bucklet List
Top – Dotti. They don't sell it anymore but here's one that I found, that is similar from Portman's.
Jeans – Next
Scene 2  Riding the ginormous bike, beach front
Top and Jeans – Cotton On
Earrings – The Statement
I ended up burning the top, when I ironed it, RIP top memories.
Scene 3 – Calling Mum on Skype
Luna Wearing head band – Le Petit Bouton
Scene 4 – Yoga at Mark's Park
Top and Pants – Rockwear
So obsessed with their leggings! I swear by them, they support me on all my high impact exercise.

Scene 5  CafĂ© with Friends
Dress – Supre, sold out.
Denim Jacket – Borrowed from Benito, Vintage Wrangler jacket (thank you SO much!)

Scene 5  Lying on the bed watching Stan, younger to be precise. I am obsessed with that show!
Singlet top – Calvin Klein
Track pants – Cotton On
Scene 6 – Giving the USB3 to Jamie
Earrings – The Statement
Jacket – Zara
Jeans – Next
All photos here taken by the very talented Benito Martin



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