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What I Wore: Summer Vibes with Gorman

Many people have been asking me ‘is that a maternity dress?!’ and my answer to that is NO, it's not. I have been buying one or two sizes up than my normal size 8 and so far its working for me (4 weeks out (OMG!!)).

This blog post is about how I have been dressing for my new body shape. You don’t have to buy maternity wear just cause your expecting. You just have to know what comfortable styles will suit your NEW body shape.

I have been choosing styles that enhance my new body shape. A-line, empire lines and jumpsuits are my go-to at the moment and perfect to wear this Summer.

I have ditched pants an shorts all together. A-line, empire lines and jumsuits have been my saviour! And they could be yours too, if your up the duff. These styles are flowy for the breezy factor that I have been craving in this HEAT.
Just by thinking of the cult label’s name, Gorman - I get me a wee bit excited! Especially now that there ARE sales!

I loved diving deep in to boldness and colour with Gorman. I found perfect prints for my style personality and comfortable styles to dress for my new shape. Ones that I know I could wear again (when I am physically with child).

The A-line dress
You simply can’t go wrong with an A-line dress in Summer, it skims over your body, keeping you cool. Go for lighter and brighter colours to stick in the Summer theme.
The lightweight jumpsuit
It’s fresh with a modern twist. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to have it. The fabric is divine and breaths extremely well and that is what you need in the warmer weather. Pair it with a headpiece and you’ve got colour clashing down pat.

I wanted to invest in a couple of pieces to get me through and I didn't mind spending the dough either because these are pieces I know I will be able to wear, time and time again. Just remember quality VS quantity. There's no point in buying maternity wear if you fit in normal sizes - try it on! If it doesn't fit, try the next size up. Everyone is different and you should wear what works for you.
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