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My NEW Summer hair reveal!! The before and after

Going lighter IS always scary! I thought to myself - Summer is around the corner and I have to go lighter.

I heard the word OMBRE floating around and thought I might get that?! Until I found out what it was… AND balayage is more my style, natural and NO hair dye near my roots.

Some of you might think, what about those chemicals absorbing into her scalp?! – well that was another reason why I chose to get balayage as the chemicals don’t go anywhere near you roots. 

So you ask, what is the difference between ombré n balayage...

Balayage - is more blended more natural

Ombré - the colour is one colour and lower towards the ends

I knew I was in good hands at Anton's Hair Studio as one of my girls, Deejay (who has INcredible hair) gets her hair done there.

I wanted my hair to look full and still long. I wanted shape around my face as I realised that the last time I went to the salon was almost a year ago - YIKES! When the (awesome) team was drying my hair, I could see the bright caramel shades shine through and my face started to beam, I felt Vai (hair artist) sculpting soft romantic layers around my face, bringing my features out.

What a difference, I LOVE my new look! I even got stopped in the street with compliments on my bouncy hair. Now that's how you make a girl feel good!

I can't believe people let me walk around like this.

                       BEFORE                                                                  AFTER
A huge thank you to Anton's Hair Studio's, I know how hard it is to find a great salon who you can trust. My new 'do' is perfect! I'm so in love with it X
Wearing these stunning gem earrings by Jimena Alejandra
Photography by @Sofia Polak

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