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Why my skin is SO bright ATM

My face has never been more brighter since using this heavenly product I just discovered at Mecca last month. Since using Dr Dennis Gross, C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Vitamin C Serum the improvements it has made to my skin has really made me happy, especially as I have noticed more pigmentation as I get older.

It was only until late last year that I really started to think about how I wanted to preserve my skin and protect it from the suns rays. The sun causes so much damage to the layers of your skin and I really wanted to do something about that. SO I DID.

I can really see the effects now after using it for almost a month - I had only heard about how great his products were but had never tried them. What would I loose? With everyone raving about it, I thought I would invest $114 in to my skin. I would easily spend that on a top or a pair of pants. But at least this investment would be for my skin, revitalising it for a few months.
My night routine: After cleansing my face I then massages 1 pump onto my dry face, neck and chest once daily - at night. Followed by rich in vitamin C with moisturiser.

This fast-absorbing gel-serum which i like so it absorbs quickly wasting no time for your next layer. Powered by an unparalleled cocktail of skin-revitalising actives - i Instantly feel fresher and look instantly brighter. I feel energy released in to the skin, which makes me feel like there is some activity happening on the surface of my skin.

My verdict: I am so glad I jumped in and tried it. So far I am really happy with the product and I think it was worth the money, considering the improvements it has made so far. I still have a lot to get through so we will see if I am inclined to buy another bottle or move on.

Also what more could we ask for, this product is free from parabens. Vegan = WINNING!

What have you tired lately that you love?
What I have read so far:
In a consumer study after 21 days:
92% saw an improvement in skin quality
92% agreed their face looked smoother and felt softer
83% agreed their complexion looked brighter, more radiant and their skin tone appeared more even.

Editor's note - this was not a sponsored post.
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