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A fool proof way to make your hair last longer, effortlessly everyday!

 I only wash my hair every four days - I know some of you are thinking that’s a little crazy and a little bit gross but – thing is we don’t need to wash it as often as we do. Plus sometimes it’s just not practical for us to wash it every day.

I have better things to do with my time. I must admit though, I’m lucky that my hair doesn’t get greasy after a good few days. Then when I add in some talcum powder or dry shampoo it brings my hair back to life. You don’t need to wash it every day! In fact it’s bad to strip the natural oils that your body produces. I love having hair I don’t have to think about for a few days its great!

I like keeping my hair on its toes! I flip between Marc Anthony, Argan Oil Morocco and Hair Recipe, Strawberry and Mint cleansing shampoo. BUT I have stuck with this heavenly Loreal hair treatment – serie expert, prokeratin liss unlimited masque that I swear strengthens your hair by.

I am sharing my fool proof way to make your hair last longer! It also will keep smooth. Try my hair routine and see if it works for you.

1. At night: shower and wash your hair, blow dry it till it is almost dry and let it dry fully while you sleep.
2. In the morning:
Split your hair in to segments – tie your hair half up and leave the bottom half down. Start on the bottom half and work your way up.
- Start from the roots, run your hair straightener through it – in a C motion and loosely curl under the ends. Try not to flatten your roots too much as this I where you get your volume from.
(think - six pack of abs, segment your hair down the center and across (ear to ear) three times)
3. Enjoy your smooth classic locks for up to 4 days and repeat. You can also curl it to mix it up.
Stay tuned to the next hair post, I will be covering hair trends for summer and hopefully I will have a new look to share with you.

This may not work for everyone but may swell give it a shot right?! What are your hair habits?
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