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Time out - a massage for a healthy mind

When was the last time you took time out for yourself? And you said no to all the catch ups and events? Sometimes we can suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) but I got so run down the other week that I learnt my lesson and decided to take some time out and to get a massage.

As I was walking home the other night I saw the Sui Spa Canberra and thought to give it a shot. I booked in for a rejuvinating facial and relaxing (but firm, how I like it) massage. The owners of Sui Spa have set it up really authentically and it's hard to believe that the spa (of two storeys) is right on Northbourne avenue. I felt like I was somewhere else.

I was there to relax, unwind and revive - my tired self. I pay attention to so many factors when I check put a new place for a massage. What kind of music they will play, how loud it is, the quality of the massage tables and how hard the air con is pumping.
I went for the high performance facial, it was super cooling and actually depuffed my eyes. These days I need all the help I can get.

My face after the massage - make up free
After my two hour treatment, I was floating and felt like a new woman! From that moment on I realised that I needed to take more time out for myself more often. Our lives get so busy but that two hours - really did me good! I'll be back there next month for a massage and I will be asking my husband for a gift voucher for my birthday that's coming up!

If you would like to experience Sui Spa Canberra please call them 02 6181 3691 or visit to book your next relaxing appointment and take some time out for yourselves.

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