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My Style: How to embellish a denim jacket

Sometimes, I have the urge and want to create. Last week I had a feeling so strong that I bought a denim jacket to decorate.

I felt so satisfied using my hands. When you feel the urge to do something, don't look back just go for it!

Here what you need if you want to decorate a denim jacket. You have to have some basic sewing machine skills.

1.       Pick 3 different types of material.
I chose:
Delicate shimmer lace
Thick lace
Glitter sequenced lace
2.       Cut out the patterns of the lace material.
3.       Carefully place the cut out lace material on the back of your jacket.
4.       Pin and secure them in place (make sure you are satisfied with the layout).
5.       Thread your machine with the same colour as the fabric patch. You may need to change this if you have varied colours.
6.       Fill your bobbin with thread that matches the inside of your Denim jacket.
7.       Slowly sew the lace material patches in place, at the end of the stitch - reverse back to secure the stich in place.
8.       Cut the loose threads.
9.       Wear it proud as you have created something with your very own hands.
10.   Take photos and tag me to be featured on my Instagram.

Outfit Details
Dress // Tobi
Shoes // Jo Mercer
Jacket // Target
Skirt // Tobi

Do share, have you made anything lately? If your a creative like me, maybe you should! food for thought.

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