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What to pack to keep you hydrated when you are travelling

It’s hard to be comfortable when you’re travelling. I had to master the art of travelling, comfortably and pretty quickly, as I was sick of having dry skin and being bloated from eating plane food. I have come up with a list of things to help you travel with ease and most importantly comfort.

1. An eye mask so you can get more shut eye and stop you from straining the lower lids of you eye.
2. Typo
Neck Pillow or home pillow – to stop your neck from rolling all over the place

3. Priceline
Natures Care - Pawpaw cream– keep those lips hydrated

4. Chewing gum - keep that breath minty fresh!
5. Nip +Fab - Eye gel - to keep your eyes from being puffy, I find this roller ball helps immensely with that! 

6. PricelineNivea, Face cream – when travelling on long hauls, I travel with wearing no make-up. This means I can moisturise my face 2-3 times. Right before I hit my destination I apply a layer of foundation, tickle of blush and a few coats of mascara.

7. Apple – pack your own snacks! an apple or muesli bar will do the trick. Bringing your own snacks will help you from eating unnecessary calories, plus you get all the fibre. Pick some up at your local markets

8. WATER or a water bottle to fill up. If you flying by plane you may be asked to tip it out (right before you hit customs). There are heaps of water stations you just have to look out for them.
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