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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Making a Statement

Anyone who knows me, can guess my favourite accessory is a statement piece. One that takes your outfit straight to POP! My look is colourful and polished, my style is bold.

I love to make a statement and my friends do too! I get a lot of comments about the pieces I wear and I wanted people to have access to that. A lot of my friends kept telling me, that they would love to wear what I wear. So I thought I would make that happen.

My 'Statement Collection' has been carefully picked by me. I have sourced them from all over the world and numbers are limited, it would be rare if someone was wearing the same piece as you!

These pieces are bold and bright. Make a statement with whatever you're wearing, a simple t-shirt or bright colourful dress and POP!

You can checkout my statement collection at Mussen - 9/70 Garema Centre, Canberra City 2601. 

Photography by Lydia Downe
RG from Mussen Instagram

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