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As soon as I walked in to the salon, I felt vibes, the salon was buzzing and I felt good, And I was soaking it up! Jules the salon coordinator introduced me to Amber (Leading colourist) and I sat down a menu was put in front of me.
Am I in a restaurant I was thinking to myself?! Awesome, I could choose anything from the sweet of the week (made by Jules, apparently she has never doubled up) coffee and sparkling with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and bread. I was in heaven.

 Amber my hair stylist asked me what look I wanted. I was after a natural look with a bit of vibrancy and wanted to keep my length. As I was describing my needs, Jenni (Principal stylis/art director) and Amber (Leading colourist) nodded and really listened. They even suggested colour style application that I wouldn't need to upkeep. 

We sourced some hair inspo and I went with the winter autumn hair trend and got inspired by Megan Fox. When I get my hair hair cut, I ask, please only cut one centimetre off! Yes, yes replies the hair dresser. Then I see and inch of my hair on the floor!! 

Finally someone who listens to me and understands, I am growing my hair! They walked me through every process. I was happy to be kept in the loop, that meant I knew what to expect and how long it would take.

I had such a great experience at Bond Hair Religion, AND I WOULD go back! I got some great tips on why we wash our hair and how to keep it healthy. I was buzzing from my NEW healthy look and couldn't wait to show it off.
Hair inspo for my new style, Megan Fox. Coloured like the tortoise, shades of caramel and honey, a sun kissed look.
My dry, dull, unhealthy hair. 
My NEW shiny, bright, healthy hair! Me a happy girl!
Goodie hair products from Bond, even though my hair isn't blonde, the best advice the girls gave me was to invest $22.95 in to keeping my hair colour bright and not brassy!

Thank you ladies for taking acre of me I had the best experience! 


You can find them Bond Hair Religion, Shop 6, Green Square, Jardine Street, Kingston Canberra Australia
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