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Making a statement


Hello everyone!! This will be one of three posts. I am sharing some images from an awesome collaboration I did for my latest statement collection at QT.

Now that I have my shopping cart up and running on my website, I can finally share what the 'Statement team' have been up too.

At the moment, I am focusing on statement pieces, clothing pieces I make and accessories I source that I would wear. 

I chose these fabrics because; I knew how well they would sit on the body. The fabric has stretch and is super easy to get on. I specifically designed these tops to skim over the body. They have clean lines and great depth in the neckline (which is really important to me because then you can wear a statement necklace).

All accessories are available on my website

My statement collection is always changing so be sure to check the website out regularly. Remember once the stock runs out - there is no more of that style. I stock pieces I actually would wear! If I were to describe my style, I would say: 'I like to be chic but edgy and sometimes OTT".

I was crazy lucky to work with some amazing brands like Chloe, Balenciaga, OPI and the The Floral Society.

Look at the fantastic flat lays we created.

A huge thank you to all that helped me bring it to life:
Photography Lydia Downe creative
Model Kithtaw Pon
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