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Monday Madness

Alarm goes off - it's work time. We all know what it's like when you wake up on Monday morning and you can't think of what to wear. I have the answer! Rock a couple of dainty necklaces with this combo and bring your shirt to life.

Every woman should own
Black pants, everyone should spend a descent amount of money, over $50 should do the trick. Look in places like Target, Portmans and Cue.
A White shirt you can't live without one of these (reliable and a staple when you can't think)
Nude pumps make your legs look longer and an essential.

I probably wear a shirt once a month and sometimes you just need to look classic. Work wear is always hard to find but make your wardrobe work for you. You can mix this look up by buying printed pants or buying striped or printed shirts. See a couple of changes - voila different look again!

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