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By Janette Lenk

Investing in the right pieces will save you time and money.

It goes like this: You wake up, scan your wardrobe - looking for something to wear thinking, “All these clothes and nothing to wear?” It’s not just you, it’s a common problem. With our list of top 10 items that every woman must own, you will never be caught out with nothing to wear. 

Investing in chic, timeless pieces will make your life easier. You’ll know what to wear, how to wear it and feel satisfied that you have a reliable outfit for whatever occasion.

Getting your staples in order
To complete your personal look you must have your wardrobe staples in order. That means you have to invest in the following. With this 10 staple guide will make you feel confident with what you own and how to take your look from day to night with a swipe of lipstick.

Be cocooned by:
1. T-shirt
2. Jeans
3. Beige, satchel bag
4. Black, work bag
5. Long necklace
6. Blazer
7. Black tapered, mid waisted pants
8. Printed collard top
9. Red lipstick
10. Patent, beige heels

These items will not only ensure you are well equipped for any occasion but will also give you piece of mind on what clothing combinations you can mix and match.

Spending a little more money on your key pieces is worth it. The quality is important and can make a world of difference. It’s about your total look, the crisp lines and how the fabric feels when you’re cocooned in any piece of clothing.

Building a work look - Start your work look by building on the tapered black pants then adding a printed collard top. To make your outfit pop add a long necklace, tailored blazer and structured work bag.

Best advice I can give is find a fabulous pair of black tapered, mid-waisted pants for work. Make the pants work for you and put time and effort in to finding the right pair. You will wear these more often that you think!

Taking it to night - To take this to a casual night look, replace the top with a T-shirt, work bag with a satchel, swap your work pants for jeans and roll up the bottom of the legs. Add a touch of red lipstick for the perfect pout and you’re done. Remember to tuck in the T-shirt in line with your belly button, to give it a clean look.

Canberra fashion icon Jemma Mrdak tells us her thoughts on fashion ‘I love the freedom of fashion. The way which it can take you places, and how that one dress or skirt can instantly boost your confidence’.

The patent leather heels will make you look taller. Plus they go with everything; it’s a win/win situation. We asked Jemma if she prefers bag or shoes and she said ‘SHOES!”

Remember if you spend a little more money on key pieces, they can last you from 4 to 40 wears! And if you like the cut and the way you feel in them, then why not?!

Life can be fast paced, so lipstick is a convenient ‘go to’ having a few shades of red can be handy and instantly gives any outfit a lift. Keep in mind, when searching; plum, raspberry and orange, if you’re daring. Another easy way to add texture to your look is by accessorising, big statements pieces are worn after 5pm and long layered chains are worn during the day.

Being able to rely on your key items will give you sanity – a piece of mind! You will be able to scan your wardrobe and have the satisfaction of being able to rely on the pieces that are in there. You can be assured that you will have pieces for any occasion, ready for your wearing. That’s why you need to make a start with these 10 staple items.
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