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Tis the season of the races

I love the races! Any chance I get to dressed up to the nines and wear a fascinator, I’m there! It was splendid being a part of this year’s student’s in Canberra – race day for 2014. My fellow Westfield judge Fiona Keary and I perfectly matched in our fuchsia ensembles.  

You wouldn’t think it would be that hard judging the fashions on the field, right?! Well it is! You have to think about the seasons trends including colour palate, prints and fabric types. Eg. Tweed, felt for winter and floral, lighter fabrics for spring summer, plus the details that complete your racing look. We love textured accessories and strong head pieces. We look for a total look.

These are some of my highlights from the day, as you can see I was totally obsessed with singular flowers head pieces. If you bet on the races and don't have a clue on who to pick, go for a jockey that is colourful. Either way you have to be in it to win it! good luck!
Emily Hall, runner up
Jiaying Goh
Fellow judge, James (who owns his own moustache wax) me and Fiona Keary
Winners are grinners!
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