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More than just nails

What your seeing right now is an artist who can recreate anything she's sees. The 'lets play a nail game 'artists is a nail polish addict! I thought, I loved nails but Lucrezia, takes it to a whole other level. From mirror effect, sand style, holographic and chrome - you name it she's got it. I had no idea there was that there where that many different kinds of polishes. Lucrezia discovered she loved nails about three years ago, she started buying nail supplies and kept in mind the beauty and perfection of Tartofraises' creations, who would define her nail muse. She now lives in the wonderful colourful world of nail art. Lucrezia loves to buy sand style polishes by P2 (cheap and awesome quality and good lasting) and creme colours by Laya (great pigmentation). Lucrezia loves to recreate other peoples designs and puts her own twist to it. She finds it interesting and challenging the more intricate the detail is and is always up for the challenge. She loves satisfaction of a job well done.
Kiko Italian brand nail polish teamed with white to recreate print, hand drawn flower
Lucrezia featured in the top Italian nail magazine 'Love nails'
Step 1. Choosing my base colour
Final look, Lucrezia's spin on my bohemian top I wore
For your next nail inspiration follow her at lu_letsplayanailgame
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