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FLO concept store, Firenze

We had a unique experience when stepped into Flo concept store. Flo is a social business that combines style with a conscious choice, born from research and experience. I admired you could buy designer one off's and that each piece was carefully thought out. My mind was taken through the designers research journey and each piece in the store had its own unique history. Flo is a stone throw away from Pone Vecchio and offers you a new way to shop. If you ever find your self here in Florence, you must go a visit the store and find out the history of each item as they all have a unique story behind them. It's fascinating. I got an amazing toriqoise belt that was made by the widows of war veterans in Africa. Some of the pieces had their names stitched to the pieces they hand made. 

Me in Melky by Cuban designer. Melky is now married to an Italian man and is living in Florence.
Flo was featured in the 2013 September issue VOGUE. Not only can you buy clothing, there is a huge selection of one off accessories, books, bottles and candles. I am in love with this store, I felt happy and content after hearing all of the designers stories.
Jacket: by Polish designer, Lecka Catheraine 
Bag: Rossella Rossi (vintage fabric was used to create this piece)
Dress: Art Desia 

For more information about Flo visit don't forget to like them one Facebook

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