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Bags and bags filled with...

I am completely obsessed with my new fuchsia, Balenciaga dress I purchased. 'The Mall' outlet is 40 minutes away from Florence's centre and well worth the travel. If you think this was all I bought and it was a splurge, you're wrong! I know you were just kidding anyway, you know me better than that! This colour is to die for and really complements my skin tone. I walked away with bags and bags filled with designer wear and a huge smile on my face. I couldn't go past these classic Fendi wedges. If you look closely you can see two F's on the face of where the toe is. Very happy to be the owner of my first Italian designer shoes. I love adding to my collection, but I think Paul gets concerned and thinks I am living beyond my means. It's true, I'm going to need more space! #girl in #love with #florence not enough #space in my #wardrobe!
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