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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Coat Clarity

Forget about the black coat, the plain style that everyone owns. Why not opt out for something that’s a little edgier or something with a little more detail and more colour? You don’t have to hide under your coat, you want the coat you wear to complement your outfit! Investing in a coat with thicker fabric is the way to go, if it’s your first winter here in canberra, please listen – be prepared, we have some of the chilliest mornings.

While drifting through the stores and arcades around the city I found that there was a huge assortment of coats, coats, glorious coats. Having found a few reliable ones myself, I felt I had to share where I found such charming items. I found this awesome electric blue coat with faux fur and zipper detailing from Tressle at $39.95, for the edgier girl and from Myer leather like biker trench in army green and black at $70 for the glam rock girl. What a bargain.

And for me, finding the perfect coast can be very confusing for a damsel in distress. I have a few tips to get you to coat clarity.

Have a think about what style personality you are...

ARE you?

1.      Classic?
      2.      Glam rock?
   3.      Creative?
  4.      Minimal?
     5.      Bohemian?

Once you know, you can search for one in that style. For example

                          1. Classic                             
 2. Glam rock                      

 3. Creative       

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