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What I Wore: Nail It With Miss Frankie

While scrolling through Instagram I discovered Miss Frankie a nail polish that loves your nails. Everyone who knows me, knows that I love painting my nails. Not only is it therapeutic (me time) but you can match them you your outfit!

Created by professional manicurist and salon owner Kara Jeffers, Miss Frankie is polish that’s passionate about your long-term nail wellbeing. I love that it is made in Australia and they’re cruelty free and vegan.

My top tips to help make your nail polish last longer. 
1. Lightly buff the top and ends of your nails.
2. Use a base coat.
3. When you paint on your top coat, make sure you paint the very tips first. Then go on an paint your top coat.
4. Wait a least 7 minutes in between coats (always have a magazine handy to keep you entertained for this). 
5. Wear gloves when you wash dishes!

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