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Vertical challenged!!

Not today.
I can't remember the last time I wore these vertical stripped pants, but I can remember how vertically challenged I am! When I put these on, I actually felt taller! Too bad pin stripes aren't in, NOT. But I do miss the fact that they can potentially make us appear taller. Keep in mind vertical stripe skirts - they work like magic too. The horizontal lines can make you look bigger, depending on the thickness of the stripes. Remember the finer stripes are more flattering! Check that out, to see for yourself.

Now T-Shirts. Of course, I went to the boxing day sales, and so did my fiancé. We shopped up a storm, I knew that I was on the hunt for more T-Shirts - in black, grey and white. And also T-Shirts that were tight in all the right places and a couple of loose fitting ones - you know for those days you might want to hide your gut? I picked up a few from, Marcs, Target, Portmans and Valleygirl.

Out fit break down
                                    Pants - Portmans // T-shirt - Target // Shoes - Oxford 
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